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The web & mobile platform to manage events

Event121 is the ideal platform to best manage all sorts of events, conferences, expos, congresses, trade shows, exhibitions and meeting. Safe, powerful, scalable and configurable, Event121 offers a wide range of features.

Your events online:
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The many features and functionalities of Event121, make it the most powerful and reliable platform to manage events. Thanks to the solid and easy to use CMS it’s possible to quickly share event information on the users’ devices, such as:

  • general information about events, as texts or images
  • speakers list, biography, contacts and links
  • events images and videos
  • events sessions and schedule
  • how to reach info and building and exposition-area maps
  • news and updates

Moreover, Event121 allows to:

  • send invitations to registered users or to one or more mailing lists and receive participation feedback in real-time
  • manage meeting requests from users
  • manage one or more exhibitors, in case of events managed by fair organizations, offering them a tool to manage information, invitations, meetings and much more, being totally autonomous
  • create social pages, in order to increase guest and attendee engagement, sharing information

User Profile

With Event121 the authentication process is very simple: after downloading the app from the Apple or Google Store, depending on the system installed on the their device, users can login creating an account on the platform or using their social account.
Credentials can always be changed later.


Event121 allows to create several kinds of events, depending on the desired degree of visibility and registration conditions:

  • Public Events: every user can view the event and is allowed to register;
  • Private Events: only who has received an invitation can view the event and register;
  • On Request Events: every user can view the event and ask to be invited. Only users that will have received an invitation will be able to register.


Creating and sending invitations is simple and quick with Event121: few clicks are enough to add logos, images and customized texts and to invite one or more guests. Invitations will be viewed on the addressee computer, smartphone or tablets. Then, guests will be able to choose whether to attend the event, deny the invitation or postpone the decision. Feedback is immediate, allowing companies, organizations or third party planner to constantly track the event attendance rate.


Event121 lets you create an unlimited variety of contents that you can share in real-time.
Activities regarding one or more events, news, public service announcements, updates, alerts, promotional messages, rapid links, media can be shared with all users or just with some of them, depending on the specific need of the organizer.


Event121 allows to share images and videos with just one click, before, during or after the event.
The files uploading process is very fast and let you import them directly from local disks or by specifying an external url where the files are located.
For each image gallery, users will be able to decide whether they prefer to view it as a List or a Grid.


Event121 allows to create multiple event sessions, organized by day and time and to include information, such as the session speakers, topics and activities.
For and easier and more rapid browsing experience, users can mark as favorites the sessions they are interested in, so that they will always be put first and easily accessible.


Every event has a special session dedicated to speakers.
Users can easily find out information about speakers and the sessions that they will attend. Speakers pages include their biography, the list of sessions they will be attending, contact information and social links.

How to Reach Info

Finding the directions to reach and to go around the location is easy and fast with Event121.
For each event, it’s possible to provide attendees with both general and detailed information, specific for every transport vehicle, on how to reach the location. Depending on the user’s preferred mode of transportation (airplane, train, car, bus or taxi) a page containing the relevant information will open.
Moreover, a map of the location will be shown on the user device, helping him or her to walk through the various stands during the event.


Event121 provides users with an agenda that is attractive and intuitive, updated in real-time, thanks to which they can refer to a daily calendar of events, sessions and personal appointments.

Personal Appointments

The “Personal Appointments” feature enables users to ask for one or more appointments with the event organizer or one of the exhibitors. The application, once day and time of the meeting are set, will notify the user and save the details on the agenda.