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The "Code in relation to personal data protection" (Decree-Law 30.6.2003, No. 196), in the article 13 imposes the duty of informing the interested party about the fundamental elements of the treatment, specifying them in paragraph 1, articles a/f. Diamantea S.r.l. (from now on also a Company), with head office in Viale Vittorio Veneto, 267 - 95127 Catania, VAT and fiscal code 02106850908, fully fulfils its duty, by informing you that:

Source of personal data

The personal data in possession of the Company is also provided through the long distance communication techniques of which the company avails itself (such as the Internet site)

  • directly by the subject the personal data refers to (the "Interested party") - data gathered directly from the interested party (article 13, paragraph 1);
  • acquired by the Company in the execution of its activity;
  • acquired by third parties for purposes of commercial information, marker researches, direct offers of products or services - data gathered from a third party (article 13, paragraph 4). In the latter case, the Company will take care of providing the interested Persons with the information as per the preamble at the time of the data registration concerning them or, in any case, no later than any eventual first communication;
  • acquired from public registers, lists, acts or documents available to anyone (article 24, paragraph 1, article c) within the limits established by the rules on their knowability.

Purpose of the treatment

The data are gathered with the following purposes:

  1. execution of obligations deriving from a contract of which you are part of, or to fulfil, before the execution of the contract, any of your specific requests;
  2. fulfilment of law obligations, regulations, EC rules, clients' management (clients administration, contracts administration, orders, shipments and invoices, reliability check and solvency);
  3. suppliers management (suppliers administration, contracts administration, orders, arrivals, invoices);
  4. litigation management (breach of contract, notices, transactions, debts collection, arbitrations, judicial controversies);;
  5. shipping of advertising material, direct sale, completion of market researches or commercial communication, profiling activity, both by Diamantea S.r.l. and by third parties.

With regard to the purposes sub. a, b, c, d, we inform you that:

  1. the treatment of your personal data by the Company, therein enclosed the communication of the same data to the subjects as per the following paragraph 6, does not need your approval, as it is a necessary treatment for the execution of obligations deriving from the contract itself and/or for the execution of services required by you, and also to comply with legal obligations or for ordinary administrative and accounting purposes;
  2. with regard to the purpose sub e, each person involved has the right to refuse the Company, at any time, the consent to the treatment and/or communication to the subjects as per the following paragraph 6, without this having prejudicial consequences in the contractual relationship.

Data treatment methods

In relation to the above mentioned purposes, the treatment of personal data takes place through paper, IT, electronic tools, as well as other telecommunication systems, in order to guarantee you data safety and confidentiality and also full compliance with the Law;

Categories of data, object of the treatment

With regard to the purposes described in the previous paragraph 3, the Company treats personal data different from the "sensitive" ones (i.e.: personal data which can reveal the racial and ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, details which can disclose the state of health, sexual inclination, etc.), and "legal". The treatment done by the Company refers especially to personal data regarding clients and potential clients, such name, address, personal identification details, fiscal code, identification elements of other Companies' relationships, etc. For such reasons, we encourage you not to disclaim to the Company any "sensitive" and/or "legal" data. However, should the Company need to treat "sensitive" data for its effectiveness, it will make sure it forwards you an appendix to the present Information and the relevant request of consent of treatment.

Categories of subjects whom the data can be forwarded to or come to the attention of, as Supervisors or Managers

In order to fulfil the ends described in the previous paragraph 3, the data can be forwarded onto the categories of subjects listed here below:

  1. banks and credit institutions;
  2. surveillance and control authorities and bodies and, in general, public or private subjects with relevant advertising functions;
  3. Revenue Registrar, Legal Authorities and police forces;
  4. public authorities;
  5. debt collection agencies;
  6. legal firms;
  7. insurance companies;
  8. professional firms and/or companies and/or associations of enterprises and entrepreneurs, which supply us with specific accountancy end/or fiscal services, and more generally speaking, within the relationships of assistance and consultancy;
  9. suppliers and Company's commercial partners (firms and professionals);
  10. subject who carry out promotion and sale activity of products/services of the Company;
  11. mail delivery companies or Associations and subjects that carry out an activity of transmission, loading, transportation and communications switching with the party involved;
  12. acquisition, manufacturing and processing data suppliers;
  13. subjects who supply services for the management of the Company's Information Systems and telecommunication nets (also including electronic mail);
  14. suppliers of ASP (Application Service Provider) software services;
  15. suppliers of Web Farm services;
  16. companies for the maintenance/repair of IT equipments;
  17. subjects who carry out a filing activity of the documentation and data entry;
  18. subjects who carry out a customer service activity (i.e.: call centre, help desk, etc.);
  19. subjects who do market researches aimed at detecting the level of satisfaction of the clientele, regarding the services quality and the activity carried out by the Company;
  20. subjects who carry out duties of control, revision and certification of the activities created by the Company, also in the interest of the customers;

The subjects belonging to the above mentioned categories operate in complete freedom, like individual owners of the treatment or in the capacity of Supervisor or Manager nominated by the Company, whose list is constantly updated and available from the Company itself. Your personal data will also be available to the Company's employees, who have been purposely nominated Supervisors or Managers of the treatment; such as:

  1. collaborators, administrators and auditors;
  2. people in charge of and the internal administration offices;
  3. people in charge of and the research and development offices;
  4. people in charge of and the maintenance and/or repair offices for the IT tools;
  5. people in charge of and valuation and provision of services offices;
  6. people in charge of accounts and invoicing;
  7. people in charge of and the offices for the marketing of goods/services;
  8. people in charge of and the offices for customers, clients, users and subscribers satisfaction record;
  9. agents and reps.

The data can also be transferred, circulated in Italy and/or in EU countries and/or in countries outside the European Union in compliance with the regulations of the Code (articles 42-45); 42-45);

The data treated by the Company are not subject of diffusion.

Rights of the party in question

In accordance with the article 7 of the Code, as well as to the information specified in this informative report, the interested party has the right:

  1. to obtain:
    1. the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data regarding the interested party, even if they have not been registered yet, and their communication in a comprehensible form.
  2. to obtain the indication:
    1. of the origin of the personal data;
    2. of the purposes and regulations of the treatment;
    3. of the logic applied in case of treatment done with the aid of electronic instruments;
    4. the identification details of the owner, of the people in charge and of the designated rep, pursuant to article 5, paragraph 2;
    5. of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be forwarded to, or who can learn about it in the capacity of designated representative on the territory of the State, managers or people in charge.
  3. to obtain:
    1. the update, the amendment that is, when there is an interest, the integration of the data;
    2. the cancellation, the transformation into an anonymous from, or the block of the data treated in breach of the law, including what does not require to be preserved in relation to the purposes for which it has been gathered or subsequently treated;
    3. the statement that the operations as per letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those who the data has been communicated to or passed on, except for the case where such execution proves to be impossible or implies a use of means explicitly excessive in respect of the protected right.
  4. to oppose, wholly or partly:
    1. for legitimate reasons to the treatment of personal data concerning him/her, although pertaining to the purpose of the gathering;
    2. to the treatment of personal data which concerns him/her, with the aim of sending advertising material or direct sale, or for the accomplishment of market researches or commercial communication.

The addresses to which any requests regarding the article 7 of the Code have to be sent to are published on the website At present, the addresses are:

Owner and People in charge of the treatment

The owner of the treatment is Diamantea S.r.l. with head office in Viale Vittorio Veneto, 267 - 95127 Catania, P. IVA e C.F. 02106850908. The person in charge of the treatment is Mr Marco La Cava, with address for service at the Operational Office of Diamantea S.r.l. of Olbia (OT), Via Umberto Giordano, 25. The updated list of the people in charge of the treatment, as well as the System Administrators, is available on the website For further information, it is also possible to contact the "Person in charge of guaranteeing the satisfaction of the rights exercisable by the subjects in question", at the above mentioned addresses for the reception of the requests pertaining the article 7 of the Code.